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Easy biz is a mobile industrial app, which provideo customer desired based service implementations..

  • Customer management
  • Cheques management
  • Debit management
  • Product Managment
  • Order Managment
  • Staff Managment


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Easy Biz-Billing System

Low cost and convinient product with Bluetooth POS printer supports and daily sales with PDF, credit managment and more ...

Easy Biz-Studio Manage

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Easy Biz-Medi Manage

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Easy Biz-Stock Manage

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Easybiz product price differ based on your needs.



  • 1 users included
  • 10 days demo
  • Feature discussion
  • Help and services



  • 2 users
  • Admin panel
  • Android / Webapp / Windows
  • Help and services
  • PDF reports


from Rs.25,000

  • multiple users
  • User role managment
  • Admin panel & Dashboard
  • PDF reports
  • CSV import
  • Multi platform

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EasyBiz helps upgrade your buisness in easy and intuitive way, and we are the provider of the EasyBiz,we are wish to help your buisness in easyway.


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